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VADWatch™ Application

VADWatch™ is a web-based application for the management and documentation of patients with implanted Ventricular Assist Devices. VADWatch™ is designed to improve workflow, reduce demands on office staff and provide the documentation required for clinic revenue enhancement and QA studies and reporting. VADWatch™ can be customized to suit individual practice needs and interface to Practice Management, EMR and LIS Sytems.


The Better Way . . . to Better Patient Outcomes

  • Increase workflow efficiency.
  • Ensure thorough exams are consistent across practitioners
  • Easily document all pertinent exams and measurements
  • Assess immediate and overall condition
  • Plan and track patient goals
  • Schedule regular in-office visits to augment home monitoring
  • Prescribed frequency of testing at home
  • Manage out-of-range results
  • Length of time to manage patients during intervention
  • Management protocols for patient self-testers


The Better Way . . . to Improve Institutional Performance

  • Track and analyze readmissions
  • Analyze population patterns
  • Assess efficacy of interventions
  • QMS is ISO 13485: 2016 / EN ISO 13485:2016 certified


The Better Way . . . to an Efficient Clinic

  • HL7 interfaces provide seamless data exchange with related health information systems such as EMRs and LISs
  • Connects clinicians with patients in the home, supporting more timely patient communication and interaction
  • Powerful built-in reporting tools ensure easy, accurate data analysis


The Better Way . . . to an Improved Bottom Line

  • Track and analyze readmissions
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance billing with less days outstanding
  • Reduce chart pulls
  • Reduce labor costs





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