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DiabetesClinic Application

DiabetesClinic is a web-based application for the management and documentation of patients with Diabetes Mellitus. DiabetesClinic is designed to improve workflow, reduce demands on office staff and provide the documentation required for clinic revenue enhancement and QA studies and reporting. DiabetesClinic can be customized to suit individual practice needs and interface to associated office systems such as Practice Management and EMRs.


The Better Way . . . to Better Patient Outcomes

  • Providing integrated tools for diabetes and lipid management
  • Integrates insulin management for dose adjustments
  • Track and manage insulin, home glucose test results, A1C trends, cardiac markers and urine tests for risk assessment
  • Calculates 10-Year CHD Risk Percentage
  • Built-in NCEP ATP III guidelines and ADA guideline recommendations

The Better Way . . . to a Productive Practice

  • Track and manage health maintenance activities, general health and clinic specific activities
  • Documentation of examinations: cardiovascular, lungs, neurologic, skin, HEENT, feet
  • Access outcomes data instantly
  • Reduce administrative workload
  • QMS is ISO 13485: 2016 / EN ISO 13485:2016 certified

The Better Way . . . to an Integrated Practice

  • Instant access via Internet Explorer
  • HL7 interface to your EMR/billing & scheduling systems
  • High level 128-bit security encryption
  • Automated data back-ups
  • HIPAA compliant

The Better Way . . . to an Improved Bottom Line

  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance billing with less days outstanding
  • Reduce chart pulls
  • Reduce labor costs



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